Finding another way to win one of our largest accounts

We managed to tear up the pitching rule book as we won one of our largest accounts with CR Smith, a leading Scottish windows and doors manufacturer using our method, Gravity®.

We created Gravity® as an alternative that goes far deeper than the traditional pitching process which we found over the years to be flawed and restricted clients to develop a set of criteria to mark agencies against, which led to a lot of uncertainty and missed opportunities.

Gravity® is our tried and tested solution which connects business stakeholders with their senior team in order to truly understand a project’s goals, uncover ideas and design solutions as well as align all parties thinking to the same vision.

Tall’s Technical Director, Behrooz Saeed commented:

“We’ve come to find that the pitching process can lead to vague brief’s which ignore a brand’s uniqueness or its customers’ needs, which ultimately affects the quality of work being produced.

Although there is an upfront cost for clients, long term it eradicates the need for a large investment. 

Gravity® enables both us and brands to truly understand their business which triggers new ideas, insight and strategic thinking that would otherwise have been missed from the regular briefing process and result in a strategic document that the client can go on to use in the future.” 

CR Smith is our latest success story since choosing to eradicate the pitching process. Operating throughout the whole of Scotland, CR Smith is well-known for providing consumers with the highest quality windows, doors and living spaces for the past 45 years.

Gerard Eadie CBE, owner and Chairman of CR Smith has built the business on a continuous desire to improve and a commitment to providing their customers the very best quality. This has led them to become the largest windows and doors manufacturer in Scotland, and recently independently surveyed as the best double glazing company in the UK.

We will be working with CR Smith to deliver a range of digital marketing services including creating a new website, PPC, social advertising, and working with their senior team to manage their on-going digital creative and marketing strategy.

Gareth McCluskey, Head of Sales & Marketing commented:

“It has been a pleasure working with Tall using their Gravity approach to identify our key objectives for the new website. We have ambitious plans for our digital business and the flexibility and commitment of Tall as a partner has already helped us to deliver some impressive results.”