Guaranteed ROI, you’re kidding me?

Why don’t we know exactly how many email campaigns it will take to generate a 25% increase in leads? It’s because we have to pilot our strategy – in the case of email, we have to experiment with A/B testing subject lines, messaging and calls to action (CTAs) to see what resonates with an audience.  Whilst we’re often guided by previous experience, expertise and best practices, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

We can tell you that for a similar client, in a similar industry, we saw the most success using a question-based, personalised subject line and generated a 30% open rate with a 40% click rate, but that certainly isn’t going to guarantee you’ll see the same results.  We’d both feel pretty disappointed at the end of the year if we made promises to you based on past results only to discover that your buyer personas are more sceptical, less willing to work with a new vendor and generally don’t respond well to emails as a marketing tactic?

Agencies like ours can’t (and shouldn’t) promise results, but here’s what we can promise:

1. A collaborative strategic partnership that is focused on achieving defined goals

In many cases, it is our strategic capabilities that will make or break your digital marketing.

2. Deep understanding of your company, goals, products and services, culture, buyer personas, industry and competition

This is where we start with every new client and over the years we’ve created and fine-tuned a unique workshop we call Gravity. Gravity connects our senior team with your stakeholders to uncover insight that would otherwise have been missed. Steve Bromberg from Express Bi-folding Doors said:

“I and everyone on my staff found Gravity to be both enjoyable and beneficial, providing an in-depth set of exercises we had never experienced during previous website builds. Various department heads were involved, which gave Tall a real 360 degree view of our business.”

3. Constant testing and measuring

This enables agility so resources are always allocated to the right places, the places that create the biggest impact. We’re extremely proud of some of our latest results, after all it’s results that keep board members happy.

Client: Sky Betting & Gaming
Project: Skybet Mobile Banner Ads
Existing CTR: 0.27%
Target CTR: 0.31% (increase of 15%)
Achieved CTR: 0.51% (increase of 90%)

Client: The Sign Group
Project: NeonPlus® Website
Enquiries: 29.51% increase
Conversion of enquiries into sales: 100% increase

Graeme Hoole at The Sign Group said:

“Following the launch of the website in March this year, NeonPlus® enquiries have increased by 30%, but more impressively the conversion rate has doubled, the best the business has ever seen.”

4. Ideas

You’re hiring us because we’re the experts right? We’ll constantly challenge conventions, we’ll bring you ideas and recommend ways that you can use digital to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

5. Transparency

We’re a pretty straight-up bunch, you’ll not hear any acronyms and digital buzz words used in our meetings or presentations and neither will you hear unrealistic ROI targets. You’ll never have to wonder what we’re up to either, what we’re working on and how we’re spending our time. We’re good communicators and that’s important.

If it’s time for a change, time for some fresh ideas and you want to combine digital creative with the latest technology to create waves in your industry then don’t waste time, get in touch today.