Jumping into our second year with FEI

Following the success of the first year of the Time to Beat campaign with FEI, we were pleased to get the opportunity to work with them for the second year to deliver another effective global campaign. Having worked with FEI for over 6 years, we have become a trusted partner and extension of the team and are proud to work with this on another campaign.

To promote the jumping world cup event, we were asked to support the creation and distribution of 500 + promotional assets,  as a part of FEI’s Time To Beat Jumping World Cup this September. The assets were wide ranging for this event promotion, including broadcast quality video, animation and social media content, as well as providing the FEI team with an easy to use global toolkit.

Working with their digital team, we supported AB testing, taking an objective approach that ensured the best customer experience for those engaging with FEI’s content were implemented. Further to this, through our long-term relationship with the client and extensive knowledge of the FEI brand, we were also able to meet Stakeholder objectives for Longlines, and ensure that this work was guaranteed to meet the aims and standards set for a campaign of this scale. 

Our carefully planned process in delivering the campaign was based upon efficiency, with a 6-8 week timeframe, and included weekly calls to provide progress updates and present creative to the FEI team encouraging feedback, working with our delivery team utilising an internal management software Click-Up and using a global document structure in real-time so everyone had access to updates working on the same platform. 

Once again the Time To Beat event is set to be an exciting one, with a campaign that connects with their audiences to drive footfall and engagement. See more of our work with FEI below;