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Planning, User-Experience, Responsive Web Design

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Make the complex simple.

Tall demonstrated this perfectly with the launch of the new Emma’s Diary website. By its very nature the site is extensive, a portal of invaluable information, support and advice throughout pregnancy and also parenting.

And here’s how we did it…

User experience

Plan the users’ experience

Over the years the Emma’s Diary website has grown organically to support the audience's varied needs. Tall faced the challenge of re-organising this knowledge to make every customer journey easier, every experience simpler to meet visitors’ needs.

  • Emma’s Diary registration page
  • Emma’s Diary home page
  • Emma’s Diary category page
  • Emma’s Diary sub-category page

Streamline the structure

Working closely with Emma’s Diary and their development team IDS Logic, we focused on streamlining the structure and simplifying the user journeys so that visitors are more engaged with the site and its content.

  • Emma’s Diary mobile page
  • Emma’s Diary mobile page
  • Emma’s Diary mobile page
  • Emma’s Diary mobile page
  • Emma’s Diary mobile page

The end result

Now we have a site that is complex and detailed behind the scenes, but to the user is fresh, engaging and extremely easy to use.

“ Tall’s obvious expertise ensured that we now have a website that meets our objectives and makes it as easy as possible for visitors to the site to really benefit from all it has to offer. ”

Clea Griffin, Digital Manager at Emma’s Diary. emmasdiary.co.uk

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