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Planning, User-Experience, Responsive Web Design


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We began the journey with the London Vision Clinic team to put the brand at the heart of the project. The London Vision Clinic have established a brand reputation for world class treatment, trust and honesty for their patients.

Confidence and trust from people considering laser eye surgery is a huge factor in choosing a clinic. The London Vision Clinic have some of the world's best surgeons - with training qualifications held by only a few across the globe.

User Journey

Delivering the right message

We spent time analysing the existing site's content and engagement to establish a framework for web content to highlight key information and establish important conversion goals. One of the main challenges has been to deliver a large amount of important information to users in a very clear and easily accessible format.

The content strategy for the site reflects the London Vision Clinic's ethos of ensuring people are not subjected to a sales pitch but simply offered important information about Laser Eye Surgery, dispelling some of the associated myths whilst being open about what the clinic can offer.

Photography & Video

Allowing people to see for themselves

The clinic had recently undertaken a literature exercise - with new photography that reflected the the brand strategy of being open and honest about the people and treatments within the clinic. Tall recognised the potential for using this high impact photography and designed the site allow the imagery play a major role in content & message delivery.

We outlined that the clinic's already successful YouTube video content should play a major part on the site. We designed the site to allow this amazing video content to take front seat to offer the user a richer experience by implementing large video directly into the home page.


Different experience, consistent message

The London Vision Clinic's online user base includes a high volume of interaction from tablet and mobile devices as well as desktop. Tall ensured the design was fully responsive design to facilitate a clear and simple user journey whether viewing the site on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

The design were made a reality by the development skills of Connected UK, who built the site on the Wordpress platform making it easy for London Vision Clinic to maintain and develop website as the business and its users also evolve.

Redesigned home page

The new home page design allows the London Vision Clinic to clearly deliver their all important messages of honesty, trust and quality whilst allowing the rich photography to support.

A highlighted key goal was to easily offer users access to download the London Vision Clinic's information guide. The decision was made to integrate this into the main banner to give this feature prominence.

The high impact videos from the London Vision Clinic's highly active YouTube channel are given a prime spot within the home page.


A clear and defined message

The outcome is a site driven by the values of the brand and is an engaging and informative experience throughout. While the structure is simple, the content is rich and offers people interested in laser eye surgery a rewarding experience.

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